"O PROCESSO" part.2 PT

On second half of our journey through Portugal,
we focused on where Filipe Hage spent most of his hours, the shaping room. 
Along with Nico (Wavegliders) and Gabriel (Quilhas Alfredo), 
two big references on Europe when it comes to surfboard design, Hage digs deep into "The Process". 
Watch the masters working on forms, fins and resin turning the thing that stands under your feet in an art.











Filipe Hage Surfing Portugal

Some years ago Filipe Hage was invited for a season making boards at the Board Culture in Portugal.
Besides reviewing his old home and old friends, the Shaper brought back many experiences extracted in and out the shaping room. 
Surfing in Europe goes beyond high quality waves and freezing water. 
Do not let the view take off your breath and take a dip deep into the whole culture that surrounds surfing activity on that old land.

Enjoy the trip!

The Purple FISH

Filipe Hage is a soul surfer/shaper from Rio de Janeiro
who's been a lonely drifter on his journey into forms and designs
looking at the past in order to move forward
he spent ten years between Rio and Lisboa
developing all kinds of shapes 
and putting that knowledge on his backpack
Here Filipe open up his shaping room and show us his art.