Handcrafted surfboards made by lovers of this unique art.  We are Husband and Wife, Life Partners, Business Partners, Surfer partners, Glassers partners…


We are highly influenced by the past, but also incorporate a modern twist. Some would say that we are old souls in not-so-old bodies. We treasure the simple things in life such as surfing small waves watching the sunset, walking with our dogs on the beach, being with family, a delicious coffee frappuccino or hot chocolate, bbq with friends, good manners, nature, being good to others and make them smile, quality craftsmanship, antique things, making new things, create, travel, learn about other cultures and costumes, cooking, eating, watching a good movie....


We like to get our hands dirty!  Filipe began as a shaper in 2002 and Aline 3years ago as a glasser and from there to here the creation process has increasingly been only in our hands, from start to finish, with the arrival in California, a year ago, we are taking the opportunity to learn more each day, as we believe we always have to learn and improve, experience and wisdom are essential. The knowledge along with understanding and the search for the best both in our work and in our lives is always present




We enjoy making you happy in the water, we are soul surfers and we know how is to be outside and catch the best wave of our life, It is that moment where joy and happiness takes you and nothing else matters, one contageante energy.


We are happiest together and when you support our brand, you're supporting our dream to of living in peace and simplicity doing what we like, you will be providing a future of joy and surf to our family and not only for us but for all those who follow us and support the Hage Surfboards actually we just want to continue what we are doing with much love and be able to raise our children and grandchildren in this environment.

If it isn't good enough to give to your children and then they give for their children…. We won't sell it either. We want our boards to last for generations to generations.


We are passionate about designing, creating things and colors. We are constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to make better with our designs. We want our boards be your best one, talking about performance and design but also and pretty important to inspire you and make you smile and be happy.


All of our boards are thought of, designed and handcrafted on the Southern of California. We would love to build your next board and make you happy! 


Built in California. Built to last by Mr. and Mrs. Hage.